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Thank you for considering the possibility of becoming involved with the Knox County CASA Program!

We are taking applications for our class soon!

Knox County has a desperate need for more CASA Volunteers with a high number of children needing represented.  We have over 200 Children in Need of Services and just over 60 active CASA volunteers and the volunteer only represents one or two cases at a time, therefore we have a waiting list.

How do CASA’s help?  By being a non-vested party to the court case who can speak about issues at hand and help make sure the child’s needs are met.  CASA’s are in a unique role.  We meet with anyone involved in the case and present that information to the court.  We work closely with families, attorneys, and DCS (Department of Child Services).  Knox County CASA is nationally accredited and Indiana Supreme Court State Certified.  You can find out a wealth of information on or  Knox County CASA has been in existence since the mid 1980’s.

After the initial training, the number of hours committed to the children can vary, depending upon many factors and the commitment.  National CASA estimates that a volunteer donates approximately 10 hours a month.  We find that number to be more fluid and the time committed depends not only on the case but where you are in its process.  In other words, you may spend a significant amount of time on the case at the beginning but taper off as it evolves.   When that case is completed, you are not required to commit to any hours until you accept another case. There are advocates who work full time and also have a family.  There are also advocates who are retired.  There are others who are stay at home parents with young children at home.  It truly varies.  It is quite individualized but the common factors are that the advocates care about children, the community, and the fate of both, while employing good common sense and a genuine concern for the children.  Another perspective of being an advocate is to help recruit other advocates and spreading the word about the need and how others can help.

Please complete the online application and we will then schedule a time for your one on one interview. If you would like to meet prior to completing the application, I would be happy to meet with you, provide a tour of the office, and answer any questions

 Please complete, email, drop off or mail to 112 N 7th Street, Vincennes, IN 47591 if you choose to start the process to become a CASA Volunteer.   We would be happy to meet with you just to discuss the option and help determine your course of action.  The best way to reach is by our contact form or by phone, 812-882-2108. This is a great time to become connected. We are taking applications for the next set of training classes!

Please click the link below to fill out our application.