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National Children’s Advocacy Center

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Title of Course Presenter Course ID
Advocating for the Advocate: The Role of the CAC Director Karen Hill, MS NCAC-W-033
Asking Children about Time and Number Thomas Lyon, PhD NCAC-W-042
Building Strong Brains: Tennessee’s ACE Initiative and The Role of Life Experiences in Shaping Brain Development Cary Rayson, MSW NCAC-W-051
Child Sexual Abuse 101 Andra K. Chamberlin, MA NCAC-W-054
Creating a Trauma-Informed System: The Important Collaboration Between CACs and the Courts Chris Newlin, MS LPC and Judge Lynn Tepper, J.D. NCAC-W-046
Cultural Competency: Plays Well With Others Gina M. South, JD and Cristie Duhon, MPA NCAC-PPT-029
Finding the Evidence for Evidence-Based Practice: Using the Child Abuse Library Online (CALiO) Muriel K. Wells, MA, MLIS NCAC-W-040
Finding Their Voice: Reasons Children Delay Disclosure of Sexual Abuse and What Factors Assist Children to Report Andra Chamberlin, MA & Kim Madden, M.Ed., LPC NCAC-PPT-030
Forensic Interviewing of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims at Children’s Advocacy Centers Iona Rudisill, LGSW NCAC-W-030
Foundations in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Elizabeth Brestan-Knight, Paula Wolfteich NCAC-W-65
Fractures in Infants and Children: Abuse, Accident, or Brittle Bones? Karen Farst, MD NCAC-PPT-034
Grooming: Making You See and Believe What I Want You to See and Believe Chris Newlin, MS LPC NCAC-W-034
How to be a Super Witness Andrew Agatston, PC NCAC-W-032
Impacts on Disciplines and Generations on MDT Collaboration and Communication Kim Lear NCAC-W-044
Interviewing Children with ADHD Kim Madden, MA NCAC-W-047
Interviewing Preschool Children Linda Cordisco Steele, M.Ed, LPC NCAC-OT-003
It Really Didn’t Happen – Recantations of Child Sexual Abuse Andra Chamberlin, MA NCAC-W-045
It’s a Crisis for Me Too! Helping Non-Offending Parents in Child Sexual Abuse Jeffrey Wherry, PhD and Mindy Jackson NCAC-PPT-021
Keeping Kids Safe: Ask the Experts – A conversation about boundaries and consent with Jenny Coleman Jenny Coleman and Pam Clasgens NCAC-W-66
Memories Hold Hands: Understanding Historical Trauma and Unresolved Historical Grief in American Indian / Alaska Native Communities Kathryn England Aytes, Ed.D., M.S NCAC-W-031
Minimal Facts Interviews of Children Andra Chamberlin, MA NCAC-W-049
Outcomes Framework for CACs/MDTs Cym Doggett, MSW NCAC-W-041
Poly-victimization – Childhood Exposure to Multiple Forms of Victimization Heather Turner, PhD & Sherry Hamby, PhD NCAC-W-016
Preventing Employee Sexual Misconduct Toward Students Charol Shakeshaft, PhD NCAC-W-055
Research on the Use of Human Figure Drawings in Forensic Interviews Jason Dickinson, PhD NCAC-W-038
Research to Practice: Considerations for the MDT Approach to Recantation Jerri Sites, MA NCAC-W-048
Secondary Trauma Janine D’Anniballe, PhD NCAC-W-052
Strategies for Gathering Details when Children Experience Repeated Abuse Andra K. Chamberlin, MA NCAC-W-037
Suggestibility: Sources of Error in Children Testimony Jason Dickinson, PhD NCAC-W-043
The Board of Directors Blueprint Curriculum Southern Regional Children’s Advocacy Center NCAC-OT-036
The Challenges of Tele-Mental Health: Technology & Cross-State Considerations Josh Kohrumel, MPH and Jonathan Neufeld, PhD NCAC-W-058
The Juxtaposition of Silence, Sexual Violence and Youth of Color Tanisha Knighton, PhD NCAC-PPT-033
The NCAC Extended Forensic Interview Model: Rationale and Key Components Linda Cordisco Steele, M.Ed,LPC NCAC-W-012
Understanding Team Effectiveness – What MDTs can Learn from Google Greg Flett, MSW NCAC-W-053
What Every Prosecutor Needs to Know about Forensic Interviewing Mary Sawicki, J.D. and Linda Cordisco Steele, M.Ed,LPC NCAC-W-035
What’s Up Doc? Handling the Expert Witness at Trial Edward Chase, JD NCAC-W-059
When the Child Abuser Has a Bible: Investigating Abuse in Faith Communities Robert Peters, JD NCAC-PPT-035
Working with Youth with Co-Occurring Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Problematic Sexual Behaviors Jimmy Widdifield, Jr., MA NCAC-PPT-024

Recorded Trainings, Webinars, and “Ask the Expert” session recordings and content are copyrighted by The National Children’s Advocacy Center. It is unlawful to copy or distribute these materials mechanically, electronically, or otherwise without expressed written permission by The National Children’s Advocacy Center.