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Virtual CASA Training

Date 2021 Indiana GAL/CASA Virtual Training Sessions Recording Passcode
What is Really in the Child’s Best Interest Link D3R=2Rqv
CASA Volunteer Report Writing Training Link ^PQW9mK5
Introduction to Understanding Sex Trafficking of our Youth Link !G4%v4S#
Sex Trafficking Training Part 2 – Advocating for Trafficked Youth Link nk#6tGq+
Helpful Tips for Navigating Child and Family Team Meetings (CFTM) Link U%Bp$2L#
Fostering Futures – Advocating for Older Youth Link A=hmG@C3
The Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship Link D^7Mw#==
Guardianship vs Third Party Custody Link YOxsz1+a
Understanding the Adoption Process Link @r9Q8m?9
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Looking for a Clearer View Link J?73Ma?i
Date 2022 Indiana GAL/CASA Virtual Training Sessions Recording Passcode
How to Help Older Youth Gain the Most from Collaborative Care Link w=kP5@tf
Transgender Youth in the Child Welfare System Link D64e!z0V
Effectively Communicating with Courts Through Testimony and Report Writing Link rCAc2^^9
A Deeper Dive into Best Interest Advocacy Link =Fc$B75k
CASA Training Academy: Legislative Education Link &*2Pr3+j
Effective Teaming for the Children We Serve Link ?2bQs?HR
Working with Parents on Probation Link V#8?M3Ci
Empathy for Respondent Parents Link 0S10%5!O
Date 2023 Indiana GAL/CASA Virtual Training Sessions Recording Passcode
Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Diagnostic Overview and Advocacy Link c^4Rxr^Z
Innocence Lost—The Trafficking of Indiana’s Children Link y&Z#5+TD
Filling the Gap—Understanding Addiction Link $Ddn7jau
Review of the Life of the Case Link orE87.VZ
The Power of Grief—Understanding Grief for Children and Families Involved in Child Welfare Cases Link Q7^wh4qC
Our Top Ten Tips for CASA Volunteers Link No Password Needed
CASA Volunteer Panel Discussion Link Kp7Xpb?2
Back to School — Educational Advocacy Link dyqGu1t+
Taking Poverty Bias Out of the Equation Link ?vAg#EB3
Helpful Tips for Testifying Link gnLeu0*W
Date 2024 Indiana GAL/CASA Virtual Training Sessions Recording Passcode
Brain Development and Decision Making Link s*7vFu$w