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Internet Violence

Approximately 95% of teens now say they have or have access to a smartphone. While the internet is a great place for kids, there are some dangers that parents and guardians should look out for.

Tips for keeping your child safe online

Create a safe internet environment:

  • Put the computer in an open space so you can see what they are doing online periodically. Putting a computer behind closed doors can encourage bad behavior.
  • Talk with your child about the opportunities and the dangers online.
  • Set clear rules such as “no giving out your name or personal information” and “no chatting with strangers.”
  • Limit how long your child can be online at one time. If you would not allow a child to be out late at night, why would you allow them to be online at 2 a.m.?
  • Look into parental controls for your home computer.

Keep them safe online:

  • Spend time with your child online. Ask questions about what they are doing and look at their social network pages.
  • Know who your kids are hanging out with online.
  • Set a good example for your children. Parents who view inappropriate things online can leave traces for their children to find later.
  • Urge children to alert you if they encounter something or someone on the internet that makes them feel uncomfortable. 
  • Talk to other adults, teachers and parents and find out what has worked for them for keeping children safe online.
  • Review your child’s internet history on the Internet browser.
  • Learn more about filtering and monitoring tools to protect your child online.

Content Credit: Kid’s Matter Inc.